About Us


In the construction industry, our professionals have been serving the greater pittsburgh area for a combination of over 70+ years! We are a locally owned and operated business from the cranberry twp. Pennsylvania area (butler county). Serving the greater pittsburgh region and surrounding areas, we have derived from a family owned and operated business with three generations of remodeling and construction experience. The owner of steadfast custom construction, brian celender, has been in the construction field for almost 20 years. While bringing personal expertise to the business, he has a personal background in architectual drafting, exterior construction, concrete construction, excavation, new construction, electrical, framing, drywall, cabinetry, flooring, tile and more.

Roofers at Work

“I always strive to learn every aspect of the job at hand. That way to have a real thought out finished product, you would know what exactly the final product is going to be even from the begining. These are the same characteristics we look for in our employees as well”


We employ a team of people who have a construction background in each of their specific jobs. Along with our personal on the job training, our team really takes pride in every product we put out. We work to become unique in our own way by providing our customers with the ability to be the true designers. Not only do we enjoy standard construction projects but we also love to dive into custom designs and applications, because it’s the custom details that really create that "Wow" factor.


Fixing Roofs
Roofers at Work

Our company's mission is to maintain honesty, professionalism, and integrity in every job that we provide. Not only do we provide a service to our customers, but we develop a personal relationship as well. It is the repeat customers and their referrals that truly help a business to grow. “trust in the lord and strive to create a network of satisfied customers”